Hi! 👋

My name is Alexis and my pronouns are she/her (high heel shoes) or they/them (high top shoes). I am an avid coder (brackets), a sometimes tweeter (bird), and a never blogger (yeti).

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. The place where I could've done anything, and for some reason decided to write a letter. 🙄

But this is a love letter. Partially to the world, from a new version of myself. I'm still the same cheesy 🧀, sweet (donut), geeky (Tardis) person that I've always been. And I'll continue to work to make this blue marble we call home (galaxy) a better place for all. But I'll be doing so with a new sense of style (dress), a new name (name badge), and a new way of living 🏳️‍🌈. And one that is more of myself than I've ever been.

Which is the other half of this love letter. One to me. A promise, in writing, to do good and to be good to myself. I can and should be me 😤. The real me! The whole me. And that person is strong 💪, smart (books), and passionate 💋.

With Love, Alexis